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My passion, My art


Artist, Entrepreneur. A graduate of Parsons School of design, NY with a degree in Communication Arts, extensive experience in the field of broadcast design and in the printing field. I have a passion for the world of design in which I have been involved with at many and varied levels most of my life. Over the years, I worked as a freelance designer and as a supervisor on projects such as: Promotional films, Wall projections, Video art planning for events such as:
The President's Conference, the Jerusalem Festival of Lights, Mizrahi Bank, 60 years of the State of Israel, 90 years of Scouts, 70 to Rambam Hospital, Israel Awards Ceremony, Jerusalem University, Ortam Malibu,Natal and more. Design is part of my DNA. From the day I remember myself, working with people in general and with a team in particular is my passion. I have experience in managing teams, projects, working with multiple interfaces and leading processes.

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